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Hotel Class: Plantation Resort
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A Greenex farms is a resort located in the midst of coffee plantation in Chundale, Wayanad district. The resort provides a unique experience of being closer to the nature. The nature’s power to rejuvenate your sole is beyond the expressions, one can experience the same at this resort. To add on to the nature’s magnificent experience the resort also provides amenities that perfectly blend with the nature, it includes fresh water pond, tea shop near the pond, restaurant for breakfast and lunch, dinner with campfire, conference hall room set in nature, badminton, cricket and micro football court, trekking and nature walk, bird watching, cycling and photography.
Greenex Farms - Rooms

 Tree House - (0 Nos)
Room Description: tree house is built on a cluster of trees with a view to calm combined with Nature and hav
 Sunflower - (0 Nos)
Room Description: These are cottages with best sunset view and is ideal for honeymooners.
 Petunia - (0 Nos)
Room Description: These are Eco-friendly hut made out of all natural elements and glass with a washroom set
 Tulip - (0 Nos)
Room Description: These are cottage set with a beautiful view with a day room and a bedroom and balcony atta
 Orchid Room - (0 Nos)
Room Description: These are luxurious cottage with four independent rooms and modern amenities with a beauti
 Mari gold - (0 Nos)
Room Description: This is an old farmers home modified with two bedrooms which are bath attached a hall and
 The Green house - (0 Nos)
Room Description: These are bunker that can accommodate 12 people ideal for groups. It has bathrooms attache
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